I was checking my yarn stash and I thought to myself, “My it is getting awfully low.” Not the oh, I may need a few balls here and there. No, the I will have to resort to making horribly mismatched granny squares/color vomit sweaters. (I have nothing against granny squares or color vomit sweaters.)

Not much to see here folks.

So I have been cheerfully looking at my favorite online yarn stores. So much to choose from. O.o I am pleased with knitpicks adding a new yarns. The new colorways are lovely. I love Lorna’s Lace and especially Sweet Georgia.

Unfortunately, the nearest local yarn store from me has odd hours that change randomly and the owner to put it nicely is very rude and her yarn selection never changes. She never marks down her old yarn to make room for new merchandise.  Enough gripping…

Right now. I am looking for a nice knitting software. I have about twenty odd ideas, but they won’t be worth anything if  it will only work in certain sizes and quite frankly, that is unfair. Not everybody is a certain size and height and I want to design for the realistic woman/man/child.


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