Best Laid Plans

Sometimes go wrong. I was meaning on shipping out the prizes but since I am still broke, I won’t be able to. I’m rather upset because one of them is a lovely little shawl/triangular scarf in lace weight merino and the other is a lovely green/teal sweater. I hope the winners like their prizes nonetheless.



I am still in this horrible rut that I have been trying to desperately drag myself out of. I have been racking my brain with how to get out of it. My birthday is later on this month and I have been putting finishing touches on a few things. My winners are going to get a few beautiful handmade prizes. Yay! If you haven’t entered the donation contest, you still can. The deadline is the 27th and I will do my best to ship it out on the 28th. Right now I have been working and throwing myself into making spreadsheets. I had to take apart my reddish/purple sweater. So sad.

Projects projects projects

Every since my family and I have been sick, I have been making little penguins, clouds, scarves, and a other stash busting stuff. Right now the deep reddish-purple cardigan I was working on has to be frogged. I’m not terribly please with the prospect of it but it has to be reworked. Something on it is off. On the brighter side, my friend Amanda is giving me some of her yarn. Yay! Hopefully that will allow me to work on some of my steeked Fair Isle cardigans. Can’t tell you what it will be like but it’ll be awesome.

Also, if you haven’t been to Video Game Voters Network, you should. November is almost here and if you have read my two blogs on video games, you will know how important it is. Not only for the medium as a whole but for free speech in media and the right to choose what you want. The picture below is a link.

Win another prize

I still need help to get through this month and as a prize, I am giving away a hand knitted penguin toy! I got the pattern online, so if you don’t win, you can still make your own. I realized that I don’t seem to have enough prizes but I am working on fixing that. So like it was with the knitted rain cloud, if you donate you can enter in to win the penguin.

waiting for the weekend

It’s been a rough week and I still have to get through the month. I have been very depressed the past couple of days and being stuck at work doesn’t help either. Especially since I have so many things weighting on me. Illness keeps rearing its ugly head and taking care of my family has been very draining. I feel like I have been spread too thinly but I realize this is the price of being an adult. For all the people that have helped me this rough two weeks, I really want to thank you for all of your support and I will still need your help for a little while longer.  I need all the help I can get to be honest with you. I am hoping this storm cloud that is follow me around will go away soon. Wish me luck.

Long Days, Short Nights

I have been dragging my knitting to work and have been getting a few stitches in here and there. I am making another knitted rain cloud toy to give away for another lucky donator. I am not pleased with my work schedule. I’m sure nobody wants to work eight ten hour days in a row but it needs to be done. I did get some good news, my work commission went up but I won’t get to see it for a good month or so. Yay… (Note the feeble arm flap… Well you can’t see it but it’s pretty feeble.)

I did also check with my student loan provider, I am a quarter of the way there. I am so happy. Once that is out of the way, I can hope to breathe a little easier but for now, I am still working on patterns. Having so little yarn makes it very hard to knit demos for sweaters and blankets. So I have been working on toys. Toys are a little more forgiving. Gauge isn’t terribly important. You just don’t want stuffing to leak out….


That is how things are going.

Work schedule

Since I had been ill the past couple of weeks, I will have a nice hefty 60 hour work week starting 10/12. Joy… So I won’t be able to post any tutorials for a little while. Also, you can still donate and possibly win a free handmade toy. I am also throwing in some of my handmade sweaters as well. The contest will end 10/26 and the winners will be emailed 10/27. I will ship the prizes out on the same date.