Stash busters

I decided to use up as much of the yarn I had laying around as possible and I have been playing around with some acrylic yarns that are so cheap, it squeaks. I’m not saying it’s the worst yarn I ever had to work with but… I really need to get some more yarn and preferably the more natural kind. So me being somewhat of a type A person, I made a wish list of the yarns and colors I want. That way I can go to the wish list and click to add to cart. No more having to memorize what color I liked so much and all that jazz. Go lists! I do get the feeling I went overboard because there are about 100+ items on that wish list. I mean, I am not getting it all at once. I just happen to not want to go back and search for the yarn I really liked.

On a sadder note, I had to frog a beret I was making.

How it looked before it met its maker... e.g. ME! I still regret frogging it.

It was WAY to big. But I did right the pattern down as I went and I can easily replicate it. The simple lace pattern was very cute and would be easily adaptable. Hopefully I can get around to posting some of the patterns on Ravelry. I am hoping to have some patterns for sell and a few free patterns. Next year I hope to have a decent design catalog and since my birthday is in the month of October have  10% off sale.


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