Long Days, Short Nights

I have been dragging my knitting to work and have been getting a few stitches in here and there. I am making another knitted rain cloud toy to give away for another lucky donator. I am not pleased with my work schedule. I’m sure nobody wants to work eight ten hour days in a row but it needs to be done. I did get some good news, my work commission went up but I won’t get to see it for a good month or so. Yay… (Note the feeble arm flap… Well you can’t see it but it’s pretty feeble.)

I did also check with my student loan provider, I am a quarter of the way there. I am so happy. Once that is out of the way, I can hope to breathe a little easier but for now, I am still working on patterns. Having so little yarn makes it very hard to knit demos for sweaters and blankets. So I have been working on toys. Toys are a little more forgiving. Gauge isn’t terribly important. You just don’t want stuffing to leak out….


That is how things are going.


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