Just another day in the neighborhood…

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by and soon the holidays will be on us like glittery festive burrs.
Each holiday season, I try my best to make a collection of handmade knickknacks for close friends and family.
Alas, as each year passes by, it seems the less time I have to do so. So far, I have only had time for pureeing a pumpkin and knitting a few rows on a sweater here and there. (Which is coming along very nicely mind you. I’m just not crazy about the color.)
It’s times like these that make me really yearn for the past and my Oma and great grandmother. My Oma was not my real Oma but I loved her like one. They were very influential people in making me the person that I am. I have complied a list of things they told me. This isn’t a complete list mind you but a list of the more memorable pieces of advice.
1. You’re never to old to play in the rain.
2. Smile like you mean it.
3. Every woman needs that dress that makes her feel like she is the hottest thing since slice bread.
4. Make sure you have some nice shoes to go with it too. Patent leather is a good option.
5. Learn to cook. What if the microwave breaks?
6. Some friends become enemies and some friends become family and be nice to your family.
7. There will always be something that you’re not good at but at least try. Maybe practice makes perfect.
8. Chocolate is the cure for almost everything.
9. Never go to bed angry or hungry.
10. Don’t live life with regrets.


One Comment on “Just another day in the neighborhood…”

  1. Chan says:

    Good advice love the one about friends becoming enemies… so true sometimes.

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