Cough, cough

I am officially sick. Yay! Sadly I do not have a job nor health insurance to cover me going to the doctor’s. It makes me so sad that my last job didn’t have a health insurance offer but rather a discount card. Seriously? This company that was supposedly a top notch telecommunications company offered Econo-health. Have you ever heard of it? My job at a craft store offered better health insurance.
Well I will be missing my knitting group which is the only thing in my dull life that was any fun. I guess I can continue to fill out more job applications. I do have to call back a car dealership.


Just my luck

I have had a horrible horrible week and it was just when things looked like they were getting better for me. First my job offer fell through at the last minute, and then a super high utility bill, and then lastly student loan issues. It’s all rather upsetting. Yesterday, I had filed for seven jobs and tried talking to the utility company thinking that it might be a mistake but I was assured that it was correct. Riddle me this, I keep my thermostat at a toasty sixty-eight degrees and have almost nothing running in my house and it’s 360 dollars? The utility company can’t explain why. It’s not as if I am the only one. Apparently, there are more pissed off people with similarly high power bills.

Too bad I can’t knit some of my troubles away since I have gotten really low on yarn and I do mean dangerously low. I am down to just five balls of yarn. Three of which is being used for a sweater for my best guy friend.

Maybe my luck will turn around.

I am back

I finally gotten around to getting a new computer. Well new to me at least. My financial state is still dreary and every job offer I have gotten has fallen through. It’s been leaving me in a rather sadden and depressed state. I really don’t have money to buy new yarn supplies lately either. So I have been using my free time to look for a new job and doing some reading on knitting techniques.