Looking on the bright side

I try very hard to be an optimist but things have been rather rough for me lately. I am still hoping it gets better and I am trying to make the most out of things. After all, things can be worse.

I have been knitting and typing my fingers off and I have about three patterns for sale and at least two for free that I want to upload. I am going to try to have them available on Ravelry and on my blog and donate 20% of the proceeds to the Japan relief effort. It may end up not being much but I really want to be able to help out what little I can. The sweater pattern is the most complex and I have about 50% of it done. I am just working on making it as clear as possible and upload it as soon as possible but I don’t want to rush it. I will include my email address if there are any questions or problems that arise in the pattern as well.

Sneak peak

Unfortunately, my platypus is not going to be one of the patterns, I am STILL sticking the yarn together. Split splicing is taking so long and I am rather upset by that. And probably because my fingers and hands have these rather painful blisters/ yarn burn rashes. But on a positive note, I now have a small yellow ball that my friend’s cat likes to bat around. I will, however; include a starfish pattern.

It's bigger than my face!!!

Also, are there any tutorials that you might want? I realized that I have not updated that recently. As always, just leave a comment.


Baby robins and cardinals

Where I live, spring normally comes early and I have been enjoying the nice weather; but not the seasonal allergies that come with it. I was surprised to see little baby cardinals peep out from the bush near my patio a few days ago. I wish I could have taken a picture of them but unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera on me.

My favorite season is autumn but spring is a nice welcome change. This winter was the coldest for my area in a while and there was a nice nine inches of snow to crunch under my feet.

It was coming down steadily out there.

I didn't have gloves to make him... It was cold...


I also tried to build an igloo but since I didn’t have gloves, I had to give up on it. I did manage to get it to reach 2.5 feet. Sadly I don’t have photographic evidence of it. C’est la vie.

My dear little stuffed animal friend is still bits of yarn and not an actually stuffed animal yet. The yarn that I want to knit him up in happens to be “mills end” yarn and so it’s cut into long strands.

Good news is that I can add fringe to just about anything easily.

Also, a while back I had promised a scarf pattern and here is a picture of it finally.

It’s not the best picture but it was the only one I really had that I liked enough to upload. The pattern looks more difficult than it actually is and is a versatile one. I knitted this one up in a heavy worsted weight but it looks equally lovely in fingering. If you guys want I will post the pattern up for you. Just let me know by posting a comment below.

Projects on the horizon

I have a terrible attention span and I’m really forgetful so I have to write things down to remember them. To be honest, I like making list. (I guess that’s why the Stickies application is one of my favorite on my macbook.) Also I can’t seem to sit still very long unless I am doing something… Okay, sorry tangent.

Without much ado… Here is my list of things to do other than finding a job.

1. Fix my friend’s 360. My friend has one of the first gen 360’s; and obviously, it’s out of warranty. It seems like there is something wrong with the video card.  His older brother already called Microsoft and found out it was a cool hundred and some odd dollars for them to fix it which was close to the same amount it would cost to get the older refurbished model. So I went to one of my favorite sites and  found a teardown of it. Now, I am not advocating doing this if you are one of those people that hates DIY projects because fixing it yourself will void the warranty but it is a nice option to have around if you can’t afford to get a new one.

2. Finish the sweaters that are on my needles. Most importantly, finish the Biker Boy sweater. I have been working on this sweater for months and I knit fairly quickly too. I think the main reason why it’s taking me so long is because it’s heavy and I’m knitting on circular needles too. Another reason is the knitting needles themselves. To put it mildly, they aren’t that great and to put it bluntly; a stack of poo poo pancakes.

3. Speaking of knitting needles, save to get newer ones. I have the Boye interchangeable set and they have served their purpose. It’s a moderately priced set with a large assortment of needles but it’s not great. My needles are coming apart when I knit even when I use the tightening mechanism. (Also the cords are really stiff and the paint is coming off on my work.) I think what I will do is slowly  save and stock up on some Kollage double points and get the Hiya Hiya interchangeable set for smaller gauges and  get the interchangeable Addi Lace Click set for the larger gauge. I mainly want the Addi set because of the spring lock mechanism and the lifetime warranty. Is that so bad?

4. Actually upload some of the patterns I have made. I have a scarf pattern and a starfish pattern floating around my hard drive that I have been meaning to upload but haven’t yet. I just need to turn them both into PDF’s and take pictures of them.

5. Save to get MINECRAFT! My friend described Minecraft as being in a blocky version of the New Zealand countryside where there are skeletons and other monsters that attack at you. So with that description I had to take a look at it and I liked the concept of it. That and the sheep did it for me. I thought they were so cute. (The black ones look like they’re wearing a nun’s habit.) I guess my nerdy gamer girl side is coming out. I have been playing games for as long as I can remember and I love video games. I play everything from the Call of Duty series to Eternal Darkness to World of Goo. I do, however; am somewhat of a critic about some things in video games but that is another post or possibly another blog since I sound like a shouty paranoid hobo decrying Skinner box techniques so rampant in games.

So there you have it, my list. I am trying to make the best of my time being unemployed by also filling out grant applications to go back to school and trying to look at the bright side of things.

Early morning thoughts…

So lately my sleep schedule has been terribly messed up due to worries about Asia and I have been coping by getting in some knitting. I have been finishing up a sweater for my best guy friend (Biker Boy if you wanted to know) and doing a little spring cleaning here and there. All while sending out about 5 resumes a day looking for a job.

I even gotten a few gauge swatches here and there. To be honest, I had to put my design stuff on the back burner for a while because I literally ran out of yarn. Even my yarnie friends were wondering how that happened. Their eyes wide with confusion. Well last year, I decided to design my own sweaters, one every two months and well… That used up quite a bit. Then I had some friends want to learn how to knit or crochet; which I gladly taught them, and donated a few balls here and there and BAM! One day I went to my hall closet and found I was down to five balls of yarn. Imagine my surprise when that happened. I used to have three huge tupperware boxes of yarn and then I got down to just five balls not including the three balls were being used for a project already on the needles.

My messy remnants.

Luckily, JJ and Jaspher took pity on my plight and donated me some and I have been happily petting and pondering what to do with. I have decided on shall be an orange lace hoodie. I have been playing with lace patterns and different construction styles, and I have decided it will be seamless, knitted bottom up with i-cord edging, and negative ease. The yarn is a cotton/wool blend and that begs to be knitted in lace.

I am still working on the platypus design. Possibly navy blue and yellow from what is in my stash.

Rainy days…

Don’t seem to bother me that much although it looks rather dreary, depressing, and gray outside. I have found little things that make me happy.

First thing is YARN! Yes, I typed that in caps because I am that excited. I would like to thanks my friends Jaspher and JJ for donating to my severely low yarn stash.

I have yarn to squeeze! Thank you Jaspher and JJ so much! I can't say that enough.

It's almost like Rapunzel was a yarn doll and we lopped off her hair.

Secondly, I have a usb cord to connect my computer to my printer so I can now make fair isle charts more easily. There is this wonderful site that allows you to insert gauge and it makes a chart for you. How awesome is that?!

You can click here for the link if you like. The site has other tutorials but not all of them are in English but if you can read Japanese have a look at it.

Also, I put a few more links on my blog. One is my friend Jake’s personal blog. He’s trying to start up an art gallery called Co-lodge Collectives. He’s hoping to get a physical location soon as well as writing for examiner.com for his area.

Another is my friend Teresa’s website for her online yarn store called Hook-a-Frog Fiber and Fun. I highly recommend visiting her site. She’s trying to get an actually physical location later on this year and I love her selection of yarns. It’s still small but she’s hoping to get more brands. I think it’s awesome she has yarns made from corn husk and recycled denim. (The denim was very soft and has a generous amount per skein.) She really strives to get sustainable yarns and I love that. (Also check out the square knitting needles!)

Later on I will delve more deeply into the topic of sustainability and yarns but that will be another day.

Knitted Platypus?

If I made a knitted platypus toy would any of you want to buy the pattern? Let me know your opinions. I don’t mind comments on my blog. ^.^