Rainy days…

Don’t seem to bother me that much although it looks rather dreary, depressing, and gray outside. I have found little things that make me happy.

First thing is YARN! Yes, I typed that in caps because I am that excited. I would like to thanks my friends Jaspher and JJ for donating to my severely low yarn stash.

I have yarn to squeeze! Thank you Jaspher and JJ so much! I can't say that enough.

It's almost like Rapunzel was a yarn doll and we lopped off her hair.

Secondly, I have a usb cord to connect my computer to my printer so I can now make fair isle charts more easily. There is this wonderful site that allows you to insert gauge and it makes a chart for you. How awesome is that?!

You can click here for the link if you like. The site has other tutorials but not all of them are in English but if you can read Japanese have a look at it.

Also, I put a few more links on my blog. One is my friend Jake’s personal blog. He’s trying to start up an art gallery called Co-lodge Collectives. He’s hoping to get a physical location soon as well as writing for examiner.com for his area.

Another is my friend Teresa’s website for her online yarn store called Hook-a-Frog Fiber and Fun. I highly recommend visiting her site. She’s trying to get an actually physical location later on this year and I love her selection of yarns. It’s still small but she’s hoping to get more brands. I think it’s awesome she has yarns made from corn husk and recycled denim. (The denim was very soft and has a generous amount per skein.) She really strives to get sustainable yarns and I love that. (Also check out the square knitting needles!)

Later on I will delve more deeply into the topic of sustainability and yarns but that will be another day.


2 Comments on “Rainy days…”

  1. Jake Walker says:

    that’s awesome you got new yarn. Can’t wait to see the results. Also, thanx for the shout out, lol.

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