Early morning thoughts…

So lately my sleep schedule has been terribly messed up due to worries about Asia and I have been coping by getting in some knitting. I have been finishing up a sweater for my best guy friend (Biker Boy if you wanted to know) and doing a little spring cleaning here and there. All while sending out about 5 resumes a day looking for a job.

I even gotten a few gauge swatches here and there. To be honest, I had to put my design stuff on the back burner for a while because I literally ran out of yarn. Even my yarnie friends were wondering how that happened. Their eyes wide with confusion. Well last year, I decided to design my own sweaters, one every two months and well… That used up quite a bit. Then I had some friends want to learn how to knit or crochet; which I gladly taught them, and donated a few balls here and there and BAM! One day I went to my hall closet and found I was down to five balls of yarn. Imagine my surprise when that happened. I used to have three huge tupperware boxes of yarn and then I got down to just five balls not including the three balls were being used for a project already on the needles.

My messy remnants.

Luckily, JJ and Jaspher took pity on my plight and donated me some and I have been happily petting and pondering what to do with. I have decided on shall be an orange lace hoodie. I have been playing with lace patterns and different construction styles, and I have decided it will be seamless, knitted bottom up with i-cord edging, and negative ease. The yarn is a cotton/wool blend and that begs to be knitted in lace.

I am still working on the platypus design. Possibly navy blue and yellow from what is in my stash.


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