Baby robins and cardinals

Where I live, spring normally comes early and I have been enjoying the nice weather; but not the seasonal allergies that come with it. I was surprised to see little baby cardinals peep out from the bush near my patio a few days ago. I wish I could have taken a picture of them but unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera on me.

My favorite season is autumn but spring is a nice welcome change. This winter was the coldest for my area in a while and there was a nice nine inches of snow to crunch under my feet.

It was coming down steadily out there.

I didn't have gloves to make him... It was cold...


I also tried to build an igloo but since I didn’t have gloves, I had to give up on it. I did manage to get it to reach 2.5 feet. Sadly I don’t have photographic evidence of it. C’est la vie.

My dear little stuffed animal friend is still bits of yarn and not an actually stuffed animal yet. The yarn that I want to knit him up in happens to be “mills end” yarn and so it’s cut into long strands.

Good news is that I can add fringe to just about anything easily.

Also, a while back I had promised a scarf pattern and here is a picture of it finally.

It’s not the best picture but it was the only one I really had that I liked enough to upload. The pattern looks more difficult than it actually is and is a versatile one. I knitted this one up in a heavy worsted weight but it looks equally lovely in fingering. If you guys want I will post the pattern up for you. Just let me know by posting a comment below.


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