Thanks for looking at my blog

I really want to thank everybody that reads my blog and I know that my life is rather dull. I’m kind of an anti-social moth. I have been trying really hard to look on the bright side of things but to be honest, being an adult sucks. Someone once wrote that, “no matter how long you live, the first twenty years of your life will be longest.” I find it funny that when I was a child, I just wanted to grow up but as I have reached my springtime of my adult years, I find nostalgia lurking beneath everything I do. I knit although, as a child I hated it. It’s funny. I have realized that you don’t become an adult, just one day you look around and you realized that you are one. The things that I thought would be fun to do as a child, I now know have consequences. For instant, as a child, I would have loved to eat pudding and junk food every since day and at my first chance of freedom I went ahead with that childish fancy. Only after feeling rather sluggish and having an irritated stomach for a few days, I learned my lesson. Tada! My first lesson as an adult.

Last night I was chatting with my friend, Jake. (You should read his blog!) I said that, “It seems to me that in order for us to march at the beat of our own drum, we must beat our fist to the ground until they bleed.” I find it sad that mainstream society seems more interested in reality shows that feature drunks and self-indulgent fashionistas than artist. Where is this generation’s Dali? This generation’s Picasso? When was the last truly defining novel written? All I see is hype surrounding Twilight. (Which I believe glamorizes an abusive relationship. Seriously, he dismantles her car so she couldn’t see her best friend and admits to her that he has killed before and she blankly replying, “I don’t care.”)

I mean, kids nowadays look up to pop stars and rappers and is that someone they should aspire to be? Somebody that lives the fantasy of a rich thirteen year old that flaunts riches and sings about petty things like money, cars, and drunkenness? If children are the future, than what does it hold? What does it mean for us in the next couple of years? I mean, I have a friend that I quizzed on the max amount of years that a person can hold the presidency and he couldn’t answer that right and he is in his late twenties! (I was quizzing him on the twenty second amendment if you wanted to know and the answer is that if a person was acting president for more than two years under somebody else’s term they could only serve another so therefore, you can serve ten years max. See Lyndon B. Johnson since he served fourteen months of Kennedy’s terms and was elected for another year. He could have ran again after that be declined. I also arguing if somebody that had served two terms as president could return as vice president because technically, there is no stipulation for how many terms a person can serve as vice president. )

The truth is that I am scared. As a child, I looked at life as an open book with many pages for me to write upon, but now, the future looks daunting. I no longer embrace life with the same gusto I had when I was a child. Things are no longer black and white but dingy shades of grey that bleed together.


6 Comments on “Thanks for looking at my blog”

  1. Blue Gal says:

    The only hopeful statement I can make for you is, you are not alone. You are also young and being broke is pretty normal these days for one your age, sad to say. Are you a full-time student? Have you maxed out student loans? Most people your age spend over 110% of their income, meaning they go into debt. Are you living alone? I would not do that if I were you. It’s too easy to become depressed or at least emo (which as you point out in your Twilight comment is not attractive.) Commit full-time to school, borrow as much as you can, and live in a dorm if nothing else pans out. I wish you peace.

    • Sadly, I had to leave school due to the economy. I live alone but I am getting a roommate next month. Oddly enough, when I was living in the dorms, it costed more than my apartment does by 200 dollars. I am just at a lost right now and I feel so, old. Like the world is changing so fast and I can’t keep up.

      • Blue Gal says:

        Make this your mantra for now: This too shall pass. And don’t forget that WE are in a recession/depression. It will get better. In fact, if I were you I’d listen to some of the “it gets better” stories on youtube. They’re not just for LGBT at risk people. They’re words of hope for everyone. Peace.

      • You are right, this will eventually pass, and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger right? I have decided that until I get a job, I will be doing some freelance writing for websites and selling knitting patterns. Wish me luck!

  2. If enough “young” people feel this way, maybe there is hope after all. How things have changed from when I was your age. If an actor, pop star, or public figure did what they are doing now, they would have been fired or gotten no press at the very least. Now they are glorified.

    You bring up some great issues.

    • To be honest, I know that each generation will be different from the next and I feel like this generation, MY generation, seems so disconnected. We are wired and tethered to our electronics. I worry about how we are going to react when our time comes to make the hard decisions.

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