Some new projects on the needles

I finally got around to paying off that super high power bill and my youngest sister is moving in with me so that would really help out with bills and what not. I’m excited because I get along really well with her and I can test some of my cooking recipes on her. I also convinced some of my guy friends to model some of my sweaters and one of them has agreed to help me write and article for I also applied for a job as a writer for I know it probably wouldn’t pay a lot but every little bit helps. I am also trying to get better pictures of some of my finished works. I’m not very happy with the pictures of Aya.

I am still going to try to donate 20% of the proceeds of my knitting to the Red Cross Japan relief effort because no matter how little I have, I am grateful for it all. I even have a friend that might be going to Japan this July to help out with relief effort. (He is going to help with the reactors I believe. Got to put that nuclear engineering degree to use. ^.^)

Anyways, here is a sneak peak of the sweater I am working on. I am going to make a men’s sweater vest that would compliment it.


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