I have been lazy

I’m sorry I have neglected my blog. I have been so lazy lately. Well, not quite. I have still been filling out job applications and cleaning my house. (My fridge really needed it after that 5 day black out.) I finished a hat pattern but I have yet to get any pictures of it. I have some work in progress pictures though, but none of it truely completed.

I just need to add a button to it

It's very slouchy

Right now I am reading the pattern and checking for errors. (Making another one too!) I know that not every pattern will be error-free but I hate to think of the confusion that might arise from me not being thorough.

Also, my friend, Austin, came to visit. I’m was really happy to have him around for a few days. I spent the time testing recipes on him. (I don’t think he minded.) I also got to give him part of his early birthday present. (One of it was a cowl. The other is supposed to be a stuffed companion cube toy.)

I am also thinking about doing a steeked sweater to use up some of the yarn I have. (I have half a skein here and there in DK weight that I can use.) I have an idea.


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