Bills, bills, bills

It seems that I managed to get some good news and bad news in the past week. Good news is that my sister moved in! I now have a roomie and I won’t be so lonely and it will make rent much more manageable. That and my sister is very happy to be away from our Dragon Lady mother. (That and I can test out recipes on her.)

The bad news is that I still have to deal with student loans. It seems that I am not the only one. My friends are dealing with them as well and some of the interest rates are really high. I am really trying to figure out how to pay them off especially since I have been strapped for cash lately. All my money goes to rent, utilities, and food. (When the snow storm hit this winter, I got two very, very high power bills and that drained quite a bit of my savings.) I wonder if there are any grants or programs to help since I am going back to school this fall and working.

Let me know if you guys know of anything.


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