Waiting for the red and blue lights

So, it’s official. I have a stalker that has been lurking outside my back porch peeking in on me. Watching me while I did mundane things around my house. (Even though, I keep my blinds closed all the time.) I don’t know how long it’s been going on but there is definitely someone and what upsets me is that nobody believed me. Mostly because I heard whispers and moaning late in the evening, it was dismissed as my mind playing tricks on me. (“It’s an evolutionary trait,” someone told me.)

Well, last night I got a nice threat. I finally heard him but didn’t see him. (There are two giant bushes that can easily hide a person and my complex is rather dark.) I called the cops from my laptop and waited what seemed like a lifetime for them to arrive. (My friend came over as well and crashed at my place. We barricaded the back door with boxes and hung up some curtains.) They searched my back porch and figured out where the creep was sitting but alas, since I didn’t see him. Nothing more could be done at the time and that unnerves me.

I remember looking one of the officer in the eye and saying calmly,” It’ll only get worse as time goes by. Sexual deviants tend to escalate.” I remembered they nodded their head slowly. It was a harsh truth and a scary thought. The theory is that this person was probably walking around my complex late at night looking into houses for some reason or other and happened upon mine and decided to come back. Each time getting bolder and bolder. (That means that I may not be the only victim.)

Sadly, I have a sliding glass door and if a rock hits it, there’s not much I can do other than run out the front door. For now there a tons of heavy boxes blocking the back and my friend will be crashing here until the guy gets caught or my apartment manager lets me switch apartments. My fear is that neither happens and to be honest, I can’t really afford to break my lease. (I have to pay three months at market value to do so. So that would be almost 3000 dollars to do so.)

But this is what’s going on so far and I’ll keep you guys posted if anything new comes up.


2 Comments on “Waiting for the red and blue lights”

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Stay safe! Can you stay over at a friend’s place? Or borrow a big dog? Judy

  2. Right now I have a friend crashing here with me and I’m waiting to talk to my apartment management about possibly switching apartments. I wish I could move my mom’s dog here but my complex has a rule about no aggressive breeds. (The dog is a German Shepard/pit mix we rescued years ago. She is a big fat sweetie.)

    Truth be told, I may have to put up a donate button to try to raise money for me to break my lease if worse comes to worse but I hate the idea of doing that.

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