Happy Blog day!

I don’t really have any news really. My dad hasn’t given me my passport and the University of Bolton hasn’t emailed me back. So I guess I’ll have to play the waiting game until then. I’ve also been trying to save up as well and look at other universities while I’m at it. I’m also trying to learn German. My German friend has been working on removing my American accent and teaching me the Saxon accent.

On another note, it’s my blog’s first birthday. I started this blog as a way for me to keep in contact with some of my friends that live far away and I never thought I would make new ones. So I want to thank you for reading and commenting on my pages and to thank you also for some of the advice you have given me.


Update #1

It seems that I have forgotten to blog regularly and I do apologize for that. I’ve been caught up with my freelance writing job and getting it off the ground. It’s a new online gaming magazine, and even though I don’t get paid, yet, I have hopes for the future. It’s something that I love. In between that, I have still been looking into school aboard much to my mother’s dismay and chagrin. I’ve still have been slowly gathering up paperwork and preparing to talk to the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Vietnamese consult about my “citizenship” status. I’ve talked to my dad some more about it he’s been supportive of me wanting to move aboard and in fact has been considering it himself. (He’s been thinking about Germany or France for the past couple of years.) I’ll probably blog some more Monday or Tuesday after I have my bi-weekly chat with my dad.

I know this isn’t much of an update, and honestly, I feel like I’m just reiterating facts, so I’ll include a picture of a WIP that I have on the needles.

I’ve written the pattern up for it and I’m working on the sample right now. (It comes in seven sizes!) I’m also finishing up the rewrite of Aya and I’ve been making it clearer as well as taking some better photos of it. (I’ve also included a diagram and links to some useful tutorials just in case.)

Edit: I did contact a few universities in the UK and I’m waiting on a reply from them.