Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I posted anything new but I do have some good news. I got new knitting needles and that makes me happy. It seems that I have outgrown my Boye interchangeable set and it started falling apart on me. I can honestly say the Boye set was not one of my favorite brand of knitting needles. I find the cords rather stiff and the needles’ sizes were off. The only great thing about the Boye set is that the cords had a hole in it that you can use to tighten the needles and I used the hole to add a safety line. (It came in handy when the needles would come loose.)

But this is my new set and I love it!

I guess this post will be an informal review and in that case. Here goes.

First of all the case is wonderful. The picture doesn’t do justice to how pretty the case is. I tend not to like the default case of many needle sets but I like the Hiya Hiya’s case. It has this gorgeous floral Asian design and it comes in 4 different colors: blue, teal, purple, and red. There are two pouches on this case. One on the back where the cords are stored and one on the inside that I have been using to store my stitch markers and tapestry needles. I also love that the case has room for more needles in the future.

A good case is never going to make up for shoddy needles and I like Hiya Hiya’s needles. They come in both bamboo and steel. I like the fact that the needles range from US size 2 to US size 15. You’ll have to get two sets to get the whole range and they are divided like so: sizes 2-8 for the small set and 9-15 for the larger. The needles also come in different lengths as well. There is a set with needles that are 4 inch long or 5 inch long. (I think the bamboo set only comes in the 5″ length.)

I got the smaller set with the 4 inch needles because I tend not to use needles larger than the US size 8 and I have tiny childlike hands. The needles aren’t as sharp as my Knitpicks nor does it have the mirror like sheenbut I can live with that. (My fingers are thanking me because I use my forefinger to push down on the needles.) I did read somewhere that Hiya Hiya was going to be coming out with a set with sharper needles sometime this year. I’m sure Ravelry will be blowing up with post when it does.

The join and cords are also something that bothers me on some needle sets and I have to admit Hiya Hiya has a nice smooth join with flexible cords. There cords are no where near as flexible as Kollage’s but you can easily magic loop. (I don’t think I have seen a set of needles with cords as flexible as the licorice-like cords Kollage boast.) The cords have a “cap” that you screw to the needles. There are no special “key” that are needed but I like to use gardening gloves just to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

I guess later on down the road I will write a post where it compares all of the main brands of interchangeable needle sets with it’s pros and cons but again I’ll leave that for another day.

All in all I am happy with this set. The price was reasonable as well. I ordered mine from Eat Sleep Knit and I happened to have a coupon code. (Whee savings!) It also came with a scratch lotto like card but I didn’t win anything.

Also another thing that makes my Wednesday happy is the official Minecraft 1.8 update. I’ve been playing around with the map trying to find the “ruins” that are supposed to be on the map. I think there are supposed to be 3 per map.

There is also a creative mode where you have an infinite amount of blocks and supplies. Needless to say, this is a fun Wednesday.


3 Comments on “Happy Wednesday!”

  1. northernnarratives says:

    I have seen these needles and they are beautiful. Enjoy knitting with them. Judy

    • Thank you! Can you believe my knitting needles were rebelling against me this month? I had a bamboo set break, a Denise one whose cord “popped,” and my Boye one whose cord just snapped. They must have had it in for me.

  2. Ron Charvat says:

    “Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” ~ Voltaire

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