Oh my!

It looks like I have neglected my blog for a bit and I feel terrible about it all. Well, in the time I have been gone, not much has happened but I did get a new niece and I lost my wallet due to my sheer retardation.

My niece, Mia, came into the world a bit earlier than expected, but perfectly health. I offered some baby knits for her but my sister declined. We’re not on good terms due to a number of reasons. (Mostly her getting arrested and using my id for it.) I avoid my sister at all cost but I do spend time with my nephew every once in a while. I haven’t been able to see her (Mia) but I did take my nephew trick or treating. Somebody, strangely, gave him a rubber ducky. I think it was a used rubber ducky because there was water in it. He absolutely had to take it home so I put it in the dishwasher to be cleaned before he could play with it.

Next thing, I lost my wallet with most of my picture ID’s in it. Am I stressed out about it? Yes, but I filed a police report, and I’m working on replacing the cards in it. I also happened to make photocopies of all of my id stuff so I can drop that off at the police station. I also checked credit record and there isn’t anything fishy going on with it. Luckily, there was no money, credit cards, debit cards, or social security cards in it. It one of those times where my strange habits and quirks save me. To be honest, I have a strange habit of literally freezing my debit cards. It prevents unnecessary purchases and helps keep me on a lean and mean budget. Seriously, I could in theory stick it in the microwave or dig it out of its ice block but neither are good methods of getting it out.

The main thing keeping me from blogging other than my impossibly boring life is my gaming magazine/project. My mates and I started our own gaming magazine and each of us have been busily working on it. I originally thought that it would take about 6-9 months to get most of it together but we are hustling along. Alex got the site up and Jake has found sponsors. Now all I have to do is find more writers.

I also started checking out more schools in the UK like Salford where my mate, Alex, goes. I also started checking out schools in Germany as well. I even started trying to learn German but right now all I can say is, “I love you,” “You are a fish,” “Good morning flowers,” and “I love cake.” Not particularly useful phrases but I’ll get there.

Sadly, my knitting has taken a back seat to all of this, and as I was walking around my apartment, I discovered that I have a few WIP’s in progress. I found three on the needles and the math for the sweater that I was editing. I have been working on the sleeves for Aya since arms vary so much from person to person. So, I have subjected my friends to, possibly unwanted, measuring of their forearms. I should be glad that I have been taking measurements of my friends who don’t seem to mind my quirks than say, strangers. They might not take as kindly to a random person walking up to them and saying, “You have nice arms. Mind if I measure them for my sweater pattern?” I would probably locked up in a padded room where they won’t allow me to take my needles or in a hospital due to injuries.

I also got some roving for myself as birthday present but, sadly, I forgot to buy a spindle. So I have no spindle to try to learn how to spin my own yarn. I was laughing about how I could forget something like that. I’m sure I could make my own though or wait until Christmas to see if Santa will put one in my socking because I’m sure it would be rather difficult to wrap up. I suppose you could put it in a box… Sorry rambling.

All in all that is what has been going on. I’ll try to liven up my life.





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