Things that make me smile

I think I have found a new addiction and it’s not drugs. It’s a site called I’ve been looking at it to cheer myself up. Recently my sister lost custody of her little boy and so my nephew moved to New York with his paternal family. I’m going to miss the little guy and I hope he’ll be happy. He gave me his rubber ducky that he got as a Halloween treat for me to remember him by. It’s now sitting on my computer table staring mournfully at me. *sigh* Sometimes life just breaks your heart and that was a matter that I had no say so in.

So I have been lurking on the site and I found some pictures that have managed to put a smile on my face. Here are a few:

How cute is this little guy?

This little boy is just so cute.

I love Pixar movies and Up was definitely on of my favorites from a wonderful studio. I have to say it and Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc are my top favorites. (And Toy Story.)

Isn’t this dress so adorable? It’s just timeless.