Update for 2012

Sorry that I have not been posting as often as often. It’s just my life is rather dull. I have been dealing with getting another website started and dealing with student loan debit. (I have been trying to repay it but my financial situation is grim to say the least.)

Maybe I can sell patterns to pay off my student loan debit. *crosses fingers*

But I did have a little furry friend for a bit. My friend and I found a stray kitty and I took her in for a week. I had seen her running around and since it had been cold lately, I had to take her in. I tried to see if she had an owner but nobody came forward. I’m happy to say that she now has a happy home with a friend of mine. She was a great companion and comfort for me during those depressing days.

Here’s her curled up on the couch of her new home.

Also, I’m really sorry if any of you have been having issues with my blog. I, honestly, have no clue what’s going on. I use wordpress’s server and I don’t know if it’s been acting up or not.



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