Social life what social life?

I have noticed that I don’t post a lot about my social life and well… I really don’t have much of one. I do occasionally get out once a week and here’s what I do on Thursday nights.

My buddies and I hit up a bakery . Last week I got a canoli which I shared a friend of mine.

Mmm... Canoli....

Then we went to our local comic book store for their gaming night and I took a few pictures for their facebook gaming page.

Most of the games were 2d fighting games.

And saw this awesome t-shirt. I’ll have to ask my friend where he got it.

Does anybody else want this t-shirt?

I also promised one of the guys that I would teach him how to knit. I didn’t have an extra set of knitting needles on me at the time. He, kindly, helped me unravel a hank of yarn and I promised him that I would bring him some yarn. He only asked that the color be manly and the yarn squish-able. (I had brought some merino/silk with me that he happily petted.)


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