Sorry I have been neglecting this blog but having too many WIP’s has finally caught up with me. I have been trying to finish as many sweaters as I can. Most of them involve knitting sleeves but aghhhhhhhhhhhh! I have one, two, three, four, five, six? sweaters that I am working on before the end of this year and here’s to hoping that I make my resolution. I’ll try to pop back on with some fairly big news. Well big for me.


So many projects!

So I was making a list of all the projects that I have plan for this year and well… I have a ton of knits. So far I have finished five (yes, FIVE! I am working on the sleeves of the sixth on as we speak.) out of the twelve sweaters of my new years resolution. Then I have to make a wedding veil (or two, my other friend hasn’t decided if she wants a veil) and more baby knits. In the past few months there have been one, two, three, four, FIVE! babies born in my group of friends. I may, I may have to invest in a knitting machine or clone another me to make some of these knits. Luckily my friends who had their babies are in no hurry for baby knits otherwise I think my fingers would fall off or my knitting needles would go on strike. 

Thundering Thursday

The weather outside is frightful but the food inside is delightful. And since I have no place to go, we’ll just cook and watch a tv show.

Living in the south I realize the weather is unpredictable. The last couple of days have been very hot and then bam! Rain and then thunder. Since the weather got nasty fairly quick, my friend and I decided to forgo the weekly gaming night; so we made some summer rolls. Yum! I made a different types of fillings for them as well because variety is the spice of life. There was a shrimp filling, pork filling, and tofu/mushroom filling. Needless to say, we enjoyed them and I enjoyed the rain.


The colors put a smile on my face.


All nicely wrapped up.

Social life what social life?

I have noticed that I don’t post a lot about my social life and well… I really don’t have much of one. I do occasionally get out once a week and here’s what I do on Thursday nights.

My buddies and I hit up a bakery . Last week I got a canoli which I shared a friend of mine.

Mmm... Canoli....

Then we went to our local comic book store for their gaming night and I took a few pictures for their facebook gaming page.

Most of the games were 2d fighting games.

And saw this awesome t-shirt. I’ll have to ask my friend where he got it.

Does anybody else want this t-shirt?

I also promised one of the guys that I would teach him how to knit. I didn’t have an extra set of knitting needles on me at the time. He, kindly, helped me unravel a hank of yarn and I promised him that I would bring him some yarn. He only asked that the color be manly and the yarn squish-able. (I had brought some merino/silk with me that he happily petted.)

Itty bitty knits and other tidbits

Baby sweaters count, don’t they? In my goal to make 12 sweaters this year, I was wondering if baby sweaters count. It seems so many of my friends had babies these past few months that I have been caught up making teeny tiny sweaters. (I count 3 so far, and one is due the end of this month, and another two in a few more months.)

So here is the first one I made. I didn’t want to add buttons fearing a choking hazard and I accidentally shrunk it. Heh… It was on my desk along with a hoodie of mine and well, I scooped both up and put them in the washing machine. It wasn’t until I was folding clothes did I find this adorable sweater among my black shirts and hoodies. (I’m glad it wasn’t with the lighter clothing.)

As babies sizes vary so much, I don’t know if my friends’ baby will get much use out of it but I hope they like it. I started making this sweater before they had their little girl, so I wasn’t able take measurements of the baby’s chest.

The pattern is “Chickadee" by Ysolda Teague. My friend got me the book, Little Red in the City, because he claimed the sweaters were so me. I made this on some size 3 knitting needles and some fingering weight yarn.

I have also been working on a top down sweater for myself. Sadly, the color is being discounted and that makes me sad because there are very few yellows that I like. Growing up, my mother claimed that yellows really didn’t suit the Asian complexion and made it look like it had sallow pallor to it. I suppose that is why I have an aversion to most yellows but I made an exception.

I had already finished my first sweater of the year but all it is lacking are some buttons. Until I get/sew some on, photographic evidence of it is still pending. ^.^

PS. I got a camera as a gift for xmas this year. So be prepared to be bombarded with some random pictures.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or if you ask my more cynical friend’s; it’s Single Awareness Day. So I decided I would spend this holiday making myself a hat and eating some Nutella and peanut butter cookies. Sadly, I have no photographic evidence of the cookies. I ate them as soon as they were cool enough for me to pop into my mouth. I do, however; have proof of said hat. Needless to say, I enjoyed this day and I told my cynical friends that whether you are single today or in a relationship, each day is a gift. Growing older is a privilege that some are denied. Image

Update for 2012

Sorry that I have not been posting as often as often. It’s just my life is rather dull. I have been dealing with getting another website started and dealing with student loan debit. (I have been trying to repay it but my financial situation is grim to say the least.)

Maybe I can sell patterns to pay off my student loan debit. *crosses fingers*

But I did have a little furry friend for a bit. My friend and I found a stray kitty and I took her in for a week. I had seen her running around and since it had been cold lately, I had to take her in. I tried to see if she had an owner but nobody came forward. I’m happy to say that she now has a happy home with a friend of mine. She was a great companion and comfort for me during those depressing days.

Here’s her curled up on the couch of her new home.

Also, I’m really sorry if any of you have been having issues with my blog. I, honestly, have no clue what’s going on. I use wordpress’s server and I don’t know if it’s been acting up or not.