Thundering Thursday

The weather outside is frightful but the food inside is delightful. And since I have no place to go, we’ll just cook and watch a tv show.

Living in the south I realize the weather is unpredictable. The last couple of days have been very hot and then bam! Rain and then thunder. Since the weather got nasty fairly quick, my friend and I decided to forgo the weekly gaming night; so we made some summer rolls. Yum! I made a different types of fillings for them as well because variety is the spice of life. There was a shrimp filling, pork filling, and tofu/mushroom filling. Needless to say, we enjoyed them and I enjoyed the rain.


The colors put a smile on my face.


All nicely wrapped up.


Go outside

It’s nice and especially where I am at. It’s been shorts and tank top weather for quite some time now. I wanted to make a knitted tank top but I ran out of cotton yarn. (I keep mostly wools in my stash.)
I hope everybody is enjoying their memorial day weekend. I have been using mine to make swatches. I have a few patterns still floating in my head and people to contact about yarn support. Oh! In case you haven’t noticed Ellie is available for free! (Until the 11th. Kind of my summer give-away for you reading my blog) It includes a picture tutorial to make the band.

I’m back!

For those who don’t watch the news, my neck of the woods got hit pretty badly by some tornados not too long ago. Luckily, I was not hurt and survived it mostly unscathed and I didn’t lose any loved ones. I count that as a huge blessing. I did lose power for almost a week, and during that time I was disconnected from technology, I knitted. I also mulled over some thoughts and ideas. Some of it was somewhat of an internal reflection of who I think I am, who I show the world, and who I really am. These reflections usually came really late at night when I peered out of my window looking at the stars.

I though about who I was right now and who I want to be. In those dark hours I decided that if I didn’t get a full time job soon, I would go back to school. Hopefully, I could sell some patterns to pay a few bills and what not. When I got power back, I applied to a local community college for the fall semester and checked out the deadlines for designs for Tension and Tangled magazine. (I’m not ready to try to submit to Knitty yet.) I started designing more patterns, some with unusual design constructions. So my room is a mess. There is paper scattered across the floor and hanks of yarn hanging from my doorknobs. (I don’t have a yarn swift.)

Looking on the bright side

I try very hard to be an optimist but things have been rather rough for me lately. I am still hoping it gets better and I am trying to make the most out of things. After all, things can be worse.

I have been knitting and typing my fingers off and I have about three patterns for sale and at least two for free that I want to upload. I am going to try to have them available on Ravelry and on my blog and donate 20% of the proceeds to the Japan relief effort. It may end up not being much but I really want to be able to help out what little I can. The sweater pattern is the most complex and I have about 50% of it done. I am just working on making it as clear as possible and upload it as soon as possible but I don’t want to rush it. I will include my email address if there are any questions or problems that arise in the pattern as well.

Sneak peak

Unfortunately, my platypus is not going to be one of the patterns, I am STILL sticking the yarn together. Split splicing is taking so long and I am rather upset by that. And probably because my fingers and hands have these rather painful blisters/ yarn burn rashes. But on a positive note, I now have a small yellow ball that my friend’s cat likes to bat around. I will, however; include a starfish pattern.

It's bigger than my face!!!

Also, are there any tutorials that you might want? I realized that I have not updated that recently. As always, just leave a comment.

Baby robins and cardinals

Where I live, spring normally comes early and I have been enjoying the nice weather; but not the seasonal allergies that come with it. I was surprised to see little baby cardinals peep out from the bush near my patio a few days ago. I wish I could have taken a picture of them but unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera on me.

My favorite season is autumn but spring is a nice welcome change. This winter was the coldest for my area in a while and there was a nice nine inches of snow to crunch under my feet.

It was coming down steadily out there.

I didn't have gloves to make him... It was cold...


I also tried to build an igloo but since I didn’t have gloves, I had to give up on it. I did manage to get it to reach 2.5 feet. Sadly I don’t have photographic evidence of it. C’est la vie.

My dear little stuffed animal friend is still bits of yarn and not an actually stuffed animal yet. The yarn that I want to knit him up in happens to be “mills end” yarn and so it’s cut into long strands.

Good news is that I can add fringe to just about anything easily.

Also, a while back I had promised a scarf pattern and here is a picture of it finally.

It’s not the best picture but it was the only one I really had that I liked enough to upload. The pattern looks more difficult than it actually is and is a versatile one. I knitted this one up in a heavy worsted weight but it looks equally lovely in fingering. If you guys want I will post the pattern up for you. Just let me know by posting a comment below.

Just another day in the neighborhood…

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by and soon the holidays will be on us like glittery festive burrs.
Each holiday season, I try my best to make a collection of handmade knickknacks for close friends and family.
Alas, as each year passes by, it seems the less time I have to do so. So far, I have only had time for pureeing a pumpkin and knitting a few rows on a sweater here and there. (Which is coming along very nicely mind you. I’m just not crazy about the color.)
It’s times like these that make me really yearn for the past and my Oma and great grandmother. My Oma was not my real Oma but I loved her like one. They were very influential people in making me the person that I am. I have complied a list of things they told me. This isn’t a complete list mind you but a list of the more memorable pieces of advice.
1. You’re never to old to play in the rain.
2. Smile like you mean it.
3. Every woman needs that dress that makes her feel like she is the hottest thing since slice bread.
4. Make sure you have some nice shoes to go with it too. Patent leather is a good option.
5. Learn to cook. What if the microwave breaks?
6. Some friends become enemies and some friends become family and be nice to your family.
7. There will always be something that you’re not good at but at least try. Maybe practice makes perfect.
8. Chocolate is the cure for almost everything.
9. Never go to bed angry or hungry.
10. Don’t live life with regrets.