Go outside

It’s nice and especially where I am at. It’s been shorts and tank top weather for quite some time now. I wanted to make a knitted tank top but I ran out of cotton yarn. (I keep mostly wools in my stash.)
I hope everybody is enjoying their memorial day weekend. I have been using mine to make swatches. I have a few patterns still floating in my head and people to contact about yarn support. Oh! In case you haven’t noticed Ellie is available for free! (Until the 11th. Kind of my summer give-away for you reading my blog) It includes a picture tutorial to make the band.

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes go wrong. I was meaning on shipping out the prizes but since I am still broke, I won’t be able to. I’m rather upset because one of them is a lovely little shawl/triangular scarf in lace weight merino and the other is a lovely green/teal sweater. I hope the winners like their prizes nonetheless.


I am still in this horrible rut that I have been trying to desperately drag myself out of. I have been racking my brain with how to get out of it. My birthday is later on this month and I have been putting finishing touches on a few things. My winners are going to get a few beautiful handmade prizes. Yay! If you haven’t entered the donation contest, you still can. The deadline is the 27th and I will do my best to ship it out on the 28th. Right now I have been working and throwing myself into making spreadsheets. I had to take apart my reddish/purple sweater. So sad.

Win another prize

I still need help to get through this month and as a prize, I am giving away a hand knitted penguin toy! I got the pattern online, so if you don’t win, you can still make your own. I realized that I don’t seem to have enough prizes but I am working on fixing that. So like it was with the knitted rain cloud, if you donate you can enter in to win the penguin.

Work schedule

Since I had been ill the past couple of weeks, I will have a nice hefty 60 hour work week starting 10/12. Joy… So I won’t be able to post any tutorials for a little while. Also, you can still donate and possibly win a free handmade toy. I am also throwing in some of my handmade sweaters as well. The contest will end 10/26 and the winners will be emailed 10/27. I will ship the prizes out on the same date.