provisional and invisible cast on

I lumped these two cast on methods together because they are both so similar as they allow you to go back and easily pick up stitches without the bulky “seams.” These two methods will also be used later on for another form of tubular cast on. To do either one of these cast on methods, make sure you have DPN’s on hand and some scrap yarn.

Provisional cast on
*requires a crocheting hook

Pros: Makes great use of scrap yarn. great for picking up stitches, great for adding borders later

Cons: You need to know how to make a chain stitch but that’s a minor con

Step 1:

Take a scrap piece of yarn and start making a chain stitch with the desired amount of stitches. I like to add a few more so I know what end is which.

Step 2

You will notice that the chain haves v’s and bumps. Flip it over to where the bumps are facing you and pick up those stitches

Step 3

Knit until desired length and then get a DPN and carefully unravel the crocheted chain and put the stitches on a DPN. You can use those stitches to add a border, graft two pieces together, the list goes on.

Invisible cast on

Pros: faster than provisional, no having to unravel anything afterwards

Cons: stitches can be slouchy or too tight which can be aggravating

Step 1

With the main color yarn make a slip knot around two DPN’s and wrap the yarn like the picture below. Basically with the main color you will do a yarn over and twist the contrasting color around the main color on the bottom. Make sure you have the main color wrapped in front of the scrap yarn when you get done.

Very messy looking I know.

Step 2

Holding the two needles knit. Now you will notice that the stitches are getting really loose and distorted. Don’t fear but don’t knit too tightly or else you might have some problems later on.

Step 3

Put those loops on a DPN.


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