2×2 tubular cast on flat and in a round

I am going to go ahead and apologize for the picture quality. I tried my best fiddling with my laptop’s web cam. Well, without further ado, there are the instructions on how to do 2×2 tubular cast on flat and in a round.

Pros: Great for knitting in rounds and flat
Cons: None that I know of

Step 1
With a piece of scrap yarn, cast on half the stitches you need using backwards loop cast on.

Step 2
Using the scrap yarn knit two rows in stockinette stitch. Then on the right side switch to the main color and knit four rows in stockinette stitch.

Notice those white bumps? You will be using them soon.

Step 3
When knitting flat I normally knit the first two stitches and pick up and purl the next two “bumps.” When I knit in a round, I knit the first stitch and pick up purl two back “bumps.” After that I just knit two stitches and pick up two “bumps” until I get to the end. Then I join and knit in a round.

Picking up the back "bump"

When you get to the end, just unravel the scrap yarn.

If you are a fairly tight knitter, I would suggest you use a slightly larger needle for the first 3 steps.

When you knit in a round, you'll notice that there is a slight gap.

I just the tail to seam it up.


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