Figure 8 tubular cast on

Method 1. aka the Figure 8 Method because of the way you  maneuver the needle to form a figure 8 shape.

Pros: Very fast, super stretchy, great for odd number of stitches

Cons: Hard to determine how much yarn to start off with, can be very loose, unravels easily, harder to count how many stitches on your needle, a little tricky to master

Step. 1

With the needle in your right hand, drape the yarn over the needle leaving a long tail behind the needle. Twist the two strands of yarn so that the long end is behind your fore finger and the short end is in front. Use your thumb to pull the short end towards you and your fore finger to pull the long end away from you. Close your hands around the both strands of yarn. This will help with tension.

Step. 2

Now maneuvering the needle you will make it go forward and under the strand of yarn and back and under both strands of yarn.

Gently pull on the two strands to tighten up the stitches and it should look like this.

Notice how it looks a lot like a knit stitch… *hints-hints*

Step 3.

Maneuver the needle back and under the back strand  .

Then forward and over the front strand.

Again gently pull on the two strands to tighten the stitch. Now notice how this one looks a little like a purl stitch? *wink-wink*

Step 4.

Repeat the last two steps until you have the desired number of stitches and your work should look like this.

It looks a little messy I know but notice how some of them look like knit stitches and some look like purl stitches? When you turn your work you are going to knit the knit stitches through the back loop and the purl stitches like normal. (If you want to use this method for 2×2 rib, see my Italian cast on post for additional info.)


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