Italian tubular cast on

I was trying to figure out a nice stretchy cast on method for 2×2 in addition to the other one I have and I stumbled on this method. It mostly follows the figure 8 cast on method I had posted last year except that you put the yarn in front and slip the purl stitches purl wise for the first two rows. (Also, do not make a half hitch knot to secure the last stitch, just twist the yarn once and hold the short end under your hand when you work.) On the third row you can rearrange the stitches however you like. The result is amazingly stretchy but I found out that this method works best for yarns that have a natural stretch to it like wools. (I would advise using the other 2×2 tubular cast on method for cottons and linens.)

See how nice the edging is even as I am stretching it.

Eventually I will post more picture tutorials but I won’t be able too since I lack a good camera. (I’ve been using my laptop’s webcam.)


5 Comments on “Italian tubular cast on”

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